With online stores, there are no boundaries regarding business ideas. Virtually anything can be purchased online, and should you not find it, that becomes an excellent business opportunity.

Let’s explore some specialty and unique e-commerce website templates below;

1. Wedding Store

Few occasions could be more special than weddings. Although traditionally you would have to attend a physical store to purchase your wedding supplies, a good portion of the wedding inventory has now shifted online.

The wedding store template does look like a planned wedding itself. Beauty, simplicity and contrast best describe this template that allows both shoppers and sellers to purchase and display everything that is wedding oriented.

Vendors will find it easy to promote their products and specials, as well as maintain general business activities through headers and footer menus.

2. I-Wear

I-Wear template is arguably the most sophisticated, interactive and highly dynamic Bootstrap eCommerce template for selling simple items like sunglasses, glasses and their accessories that you can find out there.

Eye wear brands and accessories can now market their products effectively and with ease professionally and appealingly.

The product pages are flexible and allow you to list;

  • Product information
  • Product tags
  • Reviews
  • Best selling product and related products for maximum exposure

For eye wear and their accessories, it is difficult for vendors to go wrong with this template.

3. Furnyish

This template works well with furniture stores who specialize in modern and luxurious furniture as well as the old-school type of furniture that needs a bit of extra space to be properly showcased on a website.

The Furnyish template is super easy to use and showcases your furniture pieces in a simple, pragmatic manner allowing ample space for explaining what your product is about. It also allows you to include visual content like good pictures.

Furnyish template can also be set up to include multiple furniture pieces in living, bedroom or kitchen set up.

Furnyish has the potential of helping you to off-load huge inventory of furniture.

4. Lighting

For a browsing store to provide a great experience for its users, the template itself should possess some personality and charm. Undoubtedly, the lighting e-Commerce template does exactly that.

Products are visible with the most important aspect outlined. It also showcases the item in different physical situations.

This is made possible through product pages that are kept to a bare minimum to shine the spotlight on the lighting products.

If you have appropriately crafted and detailed product descriptions, you are bound to see a significant increase in conversions using the lighting template.

For online stores that range from eye wear, old-school furniture, lighting and anything wedding, you should consider the above e-Commerce website templates to take your business to the next level and better showcase your products.

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