Online shopping is very quickly ceasing to be the alternative shopping option and becoming the preferred and convenient way to shop. Understandably, the online marketplace is phenomenal especially from a consumer’s point of view.

The array of products and options that are only a click away and are available from the comfort of your own home, with a promise of delivery within a few days is almost too good to be true.  It has become the norm today.

For the sake of convenience and better branding, it is only natural that some vendors will want to display their wares using an e-Commerce website template that only deals in a particular specialty item category.

Below we take a look at such e-Commerce website templates

1. Mattress

This is the template to use for a store owner specializing in beddings, cushions, mattresses and other bedroom items.

Mattress has been built with minimalistic approach toward product pages. This allows the store owner to utilize the white space better to give more product information with pictures and descriptions


  • Bootstrap standard Flat design
  • CSS3 and Html5 technology

For brands dealing exclusively in mattresses and other bedding accessories, this is the ideal template.

2. Watches

When buying a watch, there are several things you have to take into consideration such as the detailing of the strap, the design of the watch, the color and the brand.

This is because before you buy a watch, you want to be sure it fits your personality apart from looking good on you.

For an e-Commerce site to provide that experience, it must have a perfect template in order to be able to outline the most important aspects of the watch through descriptions and visual content like photos and video.

This template has a smooth and amazing blend of colors and fonts and other elements that accentuate and promote the essence of the watches being sold.


  • CSS3 and Html5 technology
  • Color options for the watches
  • Bootstrap standard Flat design
  • Product listing page

Both small and large watch companies will benefit from high sales as a result of using this template.

3. Swimwear

Starting a swim wear store means that you have clients at any given time of the year. After all, there is always a destination where it is swimming season.

The e-Commerce template to go with for such a business has to be Swimwear. This Bootstrap template is ideal for businesses and brands marketing themselves in the swim wear and accessories market.


  • Let’s you insert photos, pricing, and sizes
  • Simple product listing page
  • Customer reviews
  • Template footer for displaying your social media availability

All the above e-Commerce templates are unique and designed for specific specialty products. They are geared towards effectively providing a meaningful interaction between the seller and buyer and ultimately increase sales. If you are looking to appeal to a particular market, this is the type of templates to help you achieve success.

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